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About Us

Filthy Figments is home of the internet’s premiere collection of erotic comics by women and non-binary cartoonists. We're here to showcase what we find sexy, and the wide variety of ways to enjoy and create porn! We believe that everyone, regardless of gender or orientation, can find something to enjoy in our honest approach to sexuality.

We were established June 1, 2010 with just six artists, one hundred pages of comics, and a dream to put more diverse porn comics out into the world. Since then, we have grown to over thirty incredibly talented artists, over 7,000 pages of wonderfully diverse dirty comics, and an ever-growing readership.

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Over 9,000 Pages of Comics

Subscribers get immediate access to over 9,000 pages of sexy, original comics drawn by independent webcomic artists.

100+ Pages Every Month

We add 100 new pages to our archive every month. At rates as low as $7.50 a month, that's less than 8 cents per page.

Updates Every Weekday

New pages are added every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, so you'll never have to go for long without your porn.

Diverse Styles and Themes.

Over 140 narratives featuring a variety of artistic styles, genres, sexualities, genders, kinks, fetishes, and themes.

Artist Pin-up Gallery

In addition to comics, we also offer beautiful and sexy stand-alone illustrations by our artists.

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Our interior site is completely uncensored, ad-free, and all images are at their full sizes.

"When it comes to quality and original adult comics and art, Filthy Figments sits quite comfortably above the competition."

"This is a site that makes its point by featuring pretty much the best adult comic strips that I think I have ever seen on an adult paysite. That is just how good it is. Its basis of female talent certainly leads to some very rarely seen ideas and stories, and was a refreshing change from the usual sites of this kind."

"If you like erotic comics and art, I cannot recommend this site enough! All of the work here is female created and original, and I found it to be clever and hot as hell. Within a matter of minutes, I was completely hooked and deeply turned on."

"That's why we love Filthy Figments, a neat little paysite that features some of the hottest, strangest, and most beautifully illustrated erotic comics we've ever come across."

"Filthy Figments is quite different from most X-rated comic sites in that these strips and stories originated in the female mind and come to you with a decidedly different take on human sexuality than the usual big-titted deep-throating she-vikings you usually see on these kinds of sites."

The Beautiful

"There's much passion and joy into this project that is evident in the art, in the neat way everything is organized, in the forums open to discussions and suggestions and in the pin-up section where you can see that, in certain occasions, the artists drew each other's characters. I, at least, got the impression of talented women getting together and being friendly with each other and towards the reader."

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