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FF: How long have you been creating comics?
BRAMBLE: I did a short erotic comic for commission back in 2015. I thought it'd be difficult, but I was surprised by how much I loved working on it. I was hooked! Now all I want to do is draw smutty comics...!

FF: What do you enjoy drawing?
BRAMBLE: My absolute favorite thing to draw has to be girls. I love to put a lot of attention into drawing the softness of a body, creases in a tummy, that sort of thing. I also tend to get really carried away when I draw hair.

FF: What kind of characters do you like to write/draw?
BRAMBLE: I've got a pretty wide taste in the characters I like, but my favorites have to be cool, confident girls. I especially like to write and draw about women in queer relationships - the kinds of things that reflect my own sexuality and relationship. I feel like there's a real lack in diverse female characters in media out there, and I want to try and address that in my work. But eventually I plan to draw some dudes, too (lol).

FF: What inspires you?
BRAMBLE: I throw story ideas around with my wife all the time. She's had a hand in shaping pretty much every single thing I've ever done. It's really helpful to have someone to help me chew on ideas and work out rough patches in the story. We both play a lot of video games and watch anime, so between that and books and music, we draw inspiration from stories from all over the place. I tend to listen to video game OSTs or instrumental music while I'm thinking, working on scripts, or drawing. I'm also the DM for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that's been running for almost 2 full years, and the relationships and situations that come up between my players really inspires me, too.

FF: Why do you like drawing erotica?
BRAMBLE: I'm a very sexual person, but I often have real difficulty finding the relationships, kinks, or general dynamic that I'm looking for in erotica... I feel like it's very easy to find het or gay content, but shockingly difficult to find lesbian content. There's so much lesbian media out there that's either completely nonsexual or hardcore hypersexual with nothing in between. Eventually I realized I just have to make the content I'm craving myself!

FF: What drew you to Filthy Figments?
BRAMBLE: I'd seen the call for artists in 2016, and meant to pitch, but at the time I was working way too much and didn't have time. It was on my mind since then, so when the 2017 call went out, I jumped on it! I'd followed the work of several of Filthy Figment's artists elsewhere, so I was especially excited to work somewhere alongside them.

FF: Any other comic projects you'd like to plug?
BRAMBLE: I've been slowly making personal comics on my tumblr, but otherwise nothing big yet. I'd love to be printed someday!

FF: Where else can readers find you online?
BRAMBLE: I'm pretty active over on my adult tumblr! I also have a Patreon, where I post all my sketches before they go anywhere else:

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