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FF: How long have you been creating comics?
CAITLIN: I've been attempting comics in various forms since high school, but professionally for about three years now.

FF: What do you enjoy drawing?
CAITLIN: Cute girls, fancy outfits, and lots of hair.

FF: What inspires you?
CAITLIN: Ghibli, sci-fi like The Fifth Element or Mass Effect, traditional fantasy tropes. I like anything with a good aesthetic and a compelling story.

FF: What drew you to Filthy Figments?
CAITLIN: I liked that the site was geared towards non-cis men and the work is a lot more story and character-driven instead of just being just about the sex (though the sex is really great too).

FF: Any other comic projects you'd like to plug?
CAITLIN: My long time baby of a project is Heir Presumptive, about the runaway princess of a galactic empire trying to reunite with her girlfriend. You can read the story so far at!

FF: Where else can readers find you online?
CAITLIN: On Twitter at @queencaitt, on Tumblr at, and my portfolio site is

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