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FF: How long have you been creating comics?
COSMICDANGER: A little over a year and half? Closer to two if I count the three months I spent making a comic in college but never continued!

FF: What do you enjoy drawing?
COSMICDANGER: I love drawing hands, robots, and anything sci-fi/fantasy really! Anything that lets me stretch my creative muscles and design new things is great.

FF: What kind of characters do you like to write/draw?
COSMICDANGER: I love drawing big, curvy characters, and writing people who are kind.

FF: What inspires you?
COSMICDANGER: I've found that heavily aesthetic movies, like anything by Del Toro, just really gives me a boost of creativity! Things like Star Wars, Vampire Hunter D, and the Transformers comics are also really good for getting those brain wheels turning.

FF: Why do you like drawing erotica?
COSMICDANGER: That's a bit hard to pin down. I guess I like drawing the intimacy in more tender moments, while also being able to push and stretch the limits of what's possible in real life.

FF: What drew you to Filthy Figments?
COSMICDANGER: I was initially drawn in by the core values of Filthy Figments. The comics aren't just about being inclusive, but respectful and non-fetishizing. I loved the idea of working alongside other artists without worrying if they were going to, ya know, see me and people like myself as actual people.

FF: Where else can readers find you online?
COSMICDANGER: The main bulk of my online happenings takes place on my twitter (@cosmicdangrzone), but you can also find my work on my tumblr (

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