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FF: How long have you been creating comics?
OLIVEOILCORP: I've been drawing comics in a professional capacity for about four years now.

FF: What do you enjoy drawing?
OLIVEOILCORP: I think my favorite thing about drawing is figuring out really subtle expressions in the face and body language. Changing someone's brow or the crinkle of their nose can alter the whole read of a panel and that's so fun for me to tinker with.

FF: What kind of characters do you like to write/draw?
OLIVEOILCORP: I love writing shy characters that kinda stumble through interactions, and I like drawing chubby people, lips and boobs.

FF: What inspires you?
OLIVEOILCORP: I'm inspired almost entirely by music, from the script to final artwork. Song lyrics hold so many stories in them, even if they aren't immediately apparent, so most of my story ideas come as "aha!" moments when I hear a new song.

FF: Why do you like drawing erotica?
OLIVEOILCORP: For me, it's fun! It also exercises my storytelling muscles in an engaging way. There's an inherent structure to it that makes for good practice writing any story: an opening, then the tension is introduced, there's a buildup to the climax and then a bit of aftermath to resolve. It also makes for good anatomy practice.

FF: What drew you to Filthy Figments?
OLIVEOILCORP: I was drawn to Filthy Figments because it's a safe and encouraging space for me to create erotic work as a woman. All I could ask for.

FF: Any other comic projects you'd like to plug?
OLIVEOILCORP: I draw a long-neglected romance webcomic called Alone.  

FF: Where else can readers find you online?
OLIVEOILCORP: You can find me on Twitter any day: @OliveOilCorp

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