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FF: How long have you been creating comics?
SONIA: I've been drawing comics since I was a kid! My first paid gig was a few years ago, though. It was for an anthology called "The End" and I finished it back in 2013. I've been working professionally since then.

FF: What do you enjoy drawing?
SONIA: People! This is probably a very common answer for artists. I like pretty things, so I tend to decorate character portraits with things like flowers, feathers and waves. I also draw a lot of my favorite fan couples from tv shows and comics I read because... I want them in specific scenarios and no one else is going to draw it for me!

FF: What kind of characters do you like to write/draw?
SONIA: I almost always write queer characters on varying sides of the gender/sexuality spectrum. I like to place them in fantasy settings or on an adventure because I feel like the whole "struggling with sexuality" thing is kind of boring on its own. It's such trope in published fiction! I lean towards drawing/writing men if only because I grew up on a diet of yaoi manga and I'm more comfortable with male sexuality. Of course, as a Queer Young Woman I've been trying to push myself to explore the female side of things too!

FF: What inspires you?
SONIA: This is hard... I've been reading a lot of DC Comics and watching both nerdy TV shows and cartoons just to get a better idea of what geekdom means nowadays. I love the initiative Steven Universe and its creators show-- from the art style to its story to its obvious queer undertone.

FF: Why do you like drawing erotica?
SONIA: Because sometimes I want to see something-- either a kink or a couple or even a certain dynamic --but for the life of me, I can't find it! Or I can find it, but the content is obviously skewed towards a male audience and just isn't appealing to me. I'm an artist who can draw comics. If I want to see something, I sometimes have to draw it myself!

FF: What drew you to Filthy Figments?
SONIA: Some artists I recognize on tumblr or know in person has contributed comics to Filthy Figments. I definitely think we need more girl-drawn erotica in this side of the web, and I'm glad to have the opportunity to help out!

FF: Any other comic projects you'd like to plug?
SONIA: Nothing official! I've been making superhero fancomics in my free time this past year, all of which can be found on my tumblr. If you're a fan of Batman and his Robins, feel free to check it out!

FF: Where else can readers find you online?
SONIA: My main social media handle is my tumblr, I've been trying to be more active on twitter too, @sonialiaoart.

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