Filthy Figments
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About Us                  

Filthy Figments is home of the internet’s premiere collection of Erotic Comics by up-and-coming talent as well as established professionals. 

 We were established June 1, 2010 with just six artists, one hundred pages in our archive, and a dream to put more sexy comics out into the world. Since then, we have published works from dozens of talented creators and an archive of over 15,000 pages of delightfully naughty digital comics! 

Emphasizing strong narratives and well-developed characters is how Filthy Figments has made a unique voice for itself in the world of adult comics. The stories we publish explore subjects like gender, queerness, and body image and feature a variety of artistic styles, genres, sexualities, genders, kinks, and fetishes! We believe that people of all genders and orientations can find something to enjoy in our honest approach to sexuality.


What do I get with a subscription to Filthy Figments?

You get between 80+ new comic pages a month. You also get continual access to our archive of over 15000 pages of sexy, original comics drawn by independent creators from all over the world.
What forms of payment do you accept?

CCbill accepts credit, debit, and prepaid cards as well as Online Checks and DirectPay EU.

We cannot accept Paypal payments due to their draconian TOS regarding adult content.
I tried to subscribe but it wouldn't let me and I have no idea why. What do I do?

Since CCBill handles all the billing work, you can contact them to get the help you need.
What is going to show up on my credit card bill?

Don't worry! Nothing obscene or porn related will show up. Charges will appear from CCBill * Strawberry Comics on your statement.
I have an awesome sex comic I want to publish. Can I send it to you? Will you publish it?

We are not accepting unsolicited submissions at this time. We do an Open Call every one to two years and will announce it when it happens.
I am a current subscriber and I need to unsubscribe. How do I do this?

No problem. You can head over to the CCBill Support Page to do this. We hope to see you back in the future!
What do I do if I've lost my login information?

First try the CCBill Support Page. You can retrieve your info via their form where you will need two of the following: Email used to sign up, CC used to sign up, Subscription ID (in your original sign up email from CCBill).

If this fails, you can email us and we will help you recover your username and password information.
I forgot to update my credit card and my account expired before I could update it. Will I have to pay the first time charge when I resubscribe?

You shouldn't. If your subscription has expired due to a failure to rebill for whatever reason, CCBill will send you a reactivation link to the email address that was used upon sign-up.

Follow the link in that email to reactivate your failed subscription by updating the necessary payment information. CCBill will be unable to reactivate a canceled subscription if too much time has elapsed.